Chocolates and desserts sweetened with carob molasses

Eshmoon uses local products such as carob molasses to sweeten their chocolates and desserts.

Eshmoon uses local carob molasses that are produced according to traditional methods in rural villages in most of their products. For this reason the products especially chocolate could be considered a signature item for a product of origin tagged as “Lebanese Chocolate” that uses healthy traditional ingredients. Eshmoon is using innovative methods to do different mixes and varieties like carob chocolate truffles and carob chocolate spreads and carob chocolate drinks. The natural carob molasses contain natural preserving agents, a natural aroma and a natural emulsifying property, making this chocolate a stable product with a long shelf life. The chocolate can be consired to be 100% natural and organic without any artificial additives or flavour enhancers.   

Eshmoon also uses other traditional products like date molasses, grape molasses and apple molasses to sweeten its gluten free rice pops cereals and its dairy free coconut coffee. The natural flavour of the molasses is used to enhance the quality and aroma of the product and to maintain a longer shelf life. Furthermore Eshmoon dehydrates grape molasses to introduce a powdered variety of traditional healthy sweetener to be used in the chocolate bars giving the user experience an exceptional flavour texture and taste, while also improving the quality of the product.