100% Pure Buffalo Insect Powder, a Sustainable Protein Source

An innovative and unique ingredient for the food industry to boost a wide variety of food formulations!

Feeding the ever-growing world population with high-quality and nutritious food is becoming increasingly challenging. The environmental impact of the current food industry is significant and available resources are dwindling. Innovative solutions are required to overcome these challenges and Protifarm has embraced the beneficial characteristics of insects as a healthy and sustainable food source for human nutrition.

The nutritional composition of insects provides  the human diet with all-natural, essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. In addition, they  have an efficient feed conversion ratio, require very little land and water and produce limited greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional livestock .   

Sustainable and efficient food source

In various parts of the world, insects are already part of daily diets but current production methods are still very labor-intense and inefficient. Protifarm is currently scaling-up its operations in a fully automated and large scale production facility to optimize efficiency of the planet’s limited resources and supply clients with a stable source of sustainable nutrients.

A versatile, all-natural food ingredient

Through sophisticated processing of the insects, a 100% pure insect powder is developed which can serve in a wide variety of food formulations. This insect powder delivers protein along with a rich collection of fiber, healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The powder can be used to enhance the characteristics of existing food, substitute ingredients with a high environmental footprint or to develop completely new products.