Bioactive peptides from egg white

Experiments suggest potential for bioactive peptides in egg-white.

Maintaining cardiovascular health is a very important topic around the globe, which is becoming even more paramount because of the pandemics of obesity and diabetes.

NWT-03 is a natural product based on an enzymatically hydrolyzed protein from egg white. It shows promising effects on the maintenance of vascular health in in vitro experiments and in animal studies. In vitro effects include activity on ACE- and DPP-IV receptors, which are respectively associated with blood pressure and glycemic control. In diabetic rats, it was shown that the use of NWT-03 contributed to the maintenance of cardiovascular health and end organ health.

Currently, a proof of principle study has been completed successfully. Subsequently, a dietary intervention study program on vascular health maintenance has been started, aiming at health claim approvals with FDA, EFSA and other regulatory authorities.