Bé vegetable burgers

Bé’s colorful, tasty and convenient vegetarian burgers attract consumers to eat more vegetables

Bé vegetable burgers

Vegetables are important for health, say the scientists. However, very few people consume enough in their normal diets. In the Netherlands, for example, only 5% of adults meet the daily requirements for vegetables, and only a staggering 1% of youngsters between 7 and 18 years old. The Bé colorful, tasty and convenient vegetable burgers, developed for those who want ‘something special’, offer busy families and singles the chance to eat more-healthy meals with delicious taste and mouth-feel.  

Vegetables make up, on average, 80% of the burgers, which are developed by a former Michelin-starred chef. They come in three flavors: red (beetroot), yellow (carrots with corn) and green (beans and peas). Other ingredients include sunflower oil, free-range egg-protein powder, modified starch, onions, salt, spices, oatmeal and black pepper. The burgers contain no meat or fish, are free of artificial flavorings, preservatives and other additives and are officially Clean Label.

The burgers, which have a shelf-life from 21 days chilled up to (at least) six months frozen, are first flash-fried to coagulate the protein and then steamed. This is a process similar to the manufacturing of meat products – the core business of the Zwanenberg Food Group, Purple Beehive’s mother company.

The burgers are available at various supermarkets including Jumbo and Deen, and via a number of food-service companies, such as Albron, Sodexo, Vitam and Ikea.

In 2016, the portfolio will be extended with three new flavors: brown (mushroom), orange (carrot) and  white (celeriac/cauliflower).