Authentic, high-quality noodles enriched with insect protein

Authentic noodles enriched with sustainable insect protein offer outstanding nutritional value, texture and taste.

High-protein foods are becoming increasingly popular and valued, as they could have positive effects on, for example, bone and muscle health. As animal proteins become ever more scarce, Van der Moolen Food began looking to enrich their noodles with a more-sustainable type of protein: they chose protein from insects. The end result is noodles which retain Van der Moolen’s trademark outstanding taste and texture, yet contain 12% high-quality insect protein - twice the protein value of normal noodles.

The noodles are made from a dough consisting of flour and high-protein, filtered, ‘mealworm bouillon’ – water in which mealworms have been cooked. Mealworms release their nutritional value during the boiling process, with the majority of the proteins remaining in the boiled water. The dough undergoes an authentic and unique, rolling process, which involves several folds between each rolling – much like puff-pastry. This results in an airy dough, and – after drying – in noodle strings which have extraordinary bite and easily pick up flavors. Noodles enriched with insect protein offer great added value for athletes, the elderly and all individuals with increased protein needs or sub-standard protein intakes.