Allergen-free crumbs

Range of five different crumbs, for the food industry, free from 24 LeDa-list allergens

Some crumbs are available as free from several allergens, like gluten-free crumbs. Dutch Spices succeeded in its ambition to develop a range of tasty crumbs free from 24 allergens (from the LeDa-list). Most people, also with a food allergy, can use/eat this type of crumbs and can enjoy tasty and safe food. This range of crumbs can be used in several applications like the breading of meat. An advantage for partners in the food industry is that they are free from additional allergens in their production facility when using the crumbs from Dutch Spices. The range of crumbs consists of five types to offer variety in taste.

All products from Dutch Spices comply with the VITAL 2.0 system. This allergen management system is based on maximum levels of allergens to assist in determining whether allergens that are present due to cross-contamination, should be communicated on the label.