Fruit & vegetable spreads

Healthy smoothie spreads; 100% natural without additives

Yespers aim was to get a fresh smoothie, the sort of thing you might prepare for yourself in the morning, onto a slice of bread or a cracker. The result is Yespers fruit and vegetable spreads, giving the best possible flavor and free of unnecessary additives. The spreads are produced at the most simple way which ensures optimum flavor: 100% natural.

Yespers new spread is a smoothie-type sandwich filling, a healthy alternative for jams and marmalade and can also be used as topping on yogurt or ice cream, bagels, etc. The spreads are pasteurized, preservative-free, allergen-free (with no lactose or gluten) and contain no artificial flavoring, coloring or aroma. The only additives are apple juice concentrate and pectin to improve the spread’s taste and gelling properties. The sugar content fluctuates around 17%. Because of the low sugar content and the lack of artificial preservatives, the spreads need to be refrigerated. Yespers uses glass for its products because it shows the product as it is and is easy to recycle.

With its innovative fruit and vegetable spreads Yespers offers a fresh, tasty, healthy and delicious alternative. The spreads are available in the flavors Berries & Strawberry, Mango & Pineapple and Apple & Raspberry (and a hint of carrot), soon to be followed by exciting new combinations.

Yespers mission is transparent – it’s about consumers and producer, and connecting the two as efficiently as possible; we eat what we want and grow what we eat.