Twents Kruidentuintje: ready-made dip and spread for toast and sandwiches

Twents Kruidentuintje: an award-winning fresh and creamy spread and dip made with delicious herbs and vegetables.

Consumers want variety, freshness and super flavor when choosing toppings for their sandwiches and toast. Johma is leading the way with Twents Kruidentuintje: a delicious, soft, creamy spread, containing fresh herbs from the Twente region: leek, cucumber, a touch of garlic and crème fraiche. Created by combining the best ingredients with the best craftsmanship, the product is perfect for chips, spreads, lunch and picnics.

Delicious taste and broad application won Twents Kruidentuintje the Dutch Best Product of the Year award for 2014/2015 in the Spreads Category. Best Product of the Year Netherlands is a major consumer survey where to identify their choices for the year’s best products. The consumers’ number one product is entitled to be called “Best Product of the Year” for the following 12 months. The slelection process is an initiative of Q & A Research & Consultancy (known via the Retailer of the Year contest) and the Consumer Contest Company.

Twents Kruidentuintje is sold in the Netherlands, under the brand name Johma, via the retail and food service channel. For supermarkets, Twents Kruidentuintje comes in a 175 gram pack; as a sandwich-filler for food service and catering locations there is a 50 gram pack.