SuperFresh CO2 pad

Increases 30 to 40% extra shelf life of fresh fish and poultry in MAP and Skinpack trays.

SuperFresh CO<sub>2</sub> pad

The demand for extended shelf life of fresh fish and thus reduction of waste increases. Vartdal Plast, the Norwegian government and Cellcomb (Swedish absorption pad producer) joined forces and developed a product which enhances shelf life of fresh fish and poultry by 30 to 40%.

For ultimate shelf-life, our partner Cellcomb produces an active CO2-pad that can be tailor-made to suit different food content, whether fish, poultry, or meat. With this absorber, a reaction that releases carbon dioxide is activated, which extends freshness, decreases packaging volume and reduces food waste. In short, it preserves food for longer throughout the supply chain. The research is carried out by ‘Nofima’, one of the largest institutes for applied research in the fields of fisheries, aquaculture and food research in Europe.

The SuperFresh CO2 pad increases the function of Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP), which were introduced over 15 years ago. Because the SuperFresh CO2 pad is releasing the CO2 till the end of shelf life, deterioration is slowed down even more. Recently, the SuperFresh CO2 pad for Skinpack (vacuum) was developed. This new CO2 pad gives just the right amount of CO2 to the product, to increase shelf life without disrupting the vacuum of the skinpack. The SuperFresh CO2 pad can easily be put or glued into a MAP or skinpack tray.

The benefits of the Superfresh CO2 pad are: 30-40% extra shelf life, improved product color and reduction of food waste. Furthermore, less headspace is needed. The constant release of CO2 inside the trays make it possible to lower the trays without compromising the increased shelf life.

Vartdal Plast is an innovative company, well established in the Norwegian fish market. Vartdal Plast is producer of large EPS fish boxes to the Norwegian fish industry.