GreenFood50® quinoa ingredients

Innovative quinoa ingredients from GreenFood50 for tasty, sustainable & healthy food

In co-operation with Wageningen University & Research, GreenFood50 has developed a unique range of quinoa ingredients. These ingredients are highly nutritious, produced from sapon-free quinoa seeds grown in the EU and are easy to use. The key nutrients are proteins, dietary fibers, omega-6-9 fatty acids, vitamins B (folate) , vitamin E and the minerals iron, phosphor, magnesium and zinc.

Quinoa ingredients

The native protein fraction of GreenFood50 quinoa ingredients contains all essential amino acids in an excellent natural balance. Due to the wide application range these ingredients will help consumers to reach their daily required protein amount. Especially consumers with additional requirements such as athletes, children, pregnant women, seniors and patients.


GreenFood50’s quinoa ingredients are gluten-free, non-GMO and without additives, preservatives and allergens. The ingredients are applied in a wide range of application such as bakery products, healthy snacks, nutritional bars, sauces, soups, spreads, pastas, sports nutrition, gluten-free products and vegetarian and vegan products. They are produced in The Netherlands with clean production technology against the highest quality standards.