Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research - FFC

Area of Expertise: Fresh, Food & Chains.

Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research has expertise in the areas of Sustainable Food Chains, Healthy & Delicious Food and Biobased Products. Its research is done within the two business units Fresh, Food & Chains (FFC) and Biobased Products. In the area of Sustainable Food Chains, the focus is at product and process levels to improve understanding of physiological processes and to objectively determine the quality of fresh products.

At the chain level, concepts and technologies are being developed for determining the optimal configurations for chain concepts – including packaging and agro-distribution – as well as improving chain transparency and developing chain information systems to support management decisions. At the higher abstraction level of networks, FFC conducts research into combining, clustering and directing processes as part of the transition to sustainable chains. Clients and client groups include product boards, auctions, growers, the agrochemical industry and the transport, packaging, supply and processing industries for agriculture and horticulture.

Food & Biobased Research is part of Wageningen University & Research centre.