Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Applied research that delivers sustainable solutions to the complete food and biobased products supply chain.

Creating economical viable and sustainable solutions that contribute to supplying a rapidly growing world population with healthy, delicious, sustainably-produced food and with high quality materials, chemicals and fuels made from biomass. This is the vision of Wageningen Food & Biobased Research. Part of Wageningen University & Research, it engages with companies, government authorities and other knowledge institutes to meet these goals. Cooperation is key to success within bilateral projects and public-private partnerships. Confidentiality, clear agreements on intellectual property, on quality and a goal-driven approach are key elements in all projects. 

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is focused on the following expertise areas:

Postharvest quality
Biobased chemicals and fuels
Renewable materials
Nutrition & Health
Proteins for life
Agro Food Robotics
Food innovations for responsible choices
Water treatment and technology
Food waste prevention & utilisation