Topigs Norsvin

Swine-genetics company Topigs Norsvin is renowned for its innovative approaches to new technologies

With an annual production of more than 1.8 million crossbred gilts and over 11 million doses of semen, Topigs Norsvin is one of the largest swine genetics companies in the world. Renowned for its innovative approaches to implementing new technologies and a continuous focus on cost-efficient pig production, research, innovation and dissemination of genetic improvement are cornerstones of the company.

Topigs Norsvin’s breeding programmes are unique. The combination of high-throughput phenotyping, large-scale computer tomography of boars, global nucleus breeding, massive gathering of production data and genomic selection accelerates genetic progress. The results are innovative products and solutions that benefit the whole pork-production chain.

Topigs Norsvin provides specialist support that ensures pork producers achieve and sustain the maximum benefit from its products, services and genetic technologies.