Hybrid breeding technology in potato.

Solynta contributes to feeding the world's growing and often malnourished population. The company accomplishes this by enabling the Solynta's hybrid breeding technology in potato, to develop:

  1. new varieties which
    • Yield more.
    • Under harsher conditions.
    • Need far less pesticides and fungicides.
    • With beneficial traits for consumers, farmers and processors
  2. true seeds as superior starting material
    instead of degenerated, infected and perishable seed tubers

Of course Solynta can't do this on their own so the company actively pursues and welcomes partnerships to innovate, integrate exchange and share knowledge and value.

Potato is the third food crop in the world. Existing potato breeding is not able to efficiently exploit this potential and to develop innovative cultivars. Solynta has developed a new technology of F1 hybrid potato breeding enabling a much faster (300%) and purposeful development of new cultivars and the introduction of new traits in existing cultivars. Solynta develops new hybrid cultivars with additional yield, disease resistance and better tuber nutritional quality.

An additional advantage is the production of clean hybrid seeds that can be produced in one season as compared to the vegetative production of seed tubers that may take more than five years and are always contaminated with pathogens. For 1 ha only 35 grams of seeds is required compared to 2500 kilo of traditional seed tubers.

Hybrid breeding is non-GMO, making it world-wide applicable, creating unprecedented opportunities.