Low-cost Soil testing and - recommendations to (small) farmers worldwide.

One of the major challenges of global agriculture is to feed the growing world population. There is a clear crop yield gap on small scale farms worldwide. It has been shown that nutrient management on these farms is the major limiting factor. Soil testing on the actual soil nutrient status and advice on soil management can help small-scale farmers to improve their crop yield and livelihood.

However small-scale farmers barely have access to soil fertility information and nutrient management advice. To do a soil test any farmer always have to send off a sample to a lab. This is time consuming, expensive and often not at all available for the small- scale farmers living in 2nd and 3rd world.

SoilCares has the ambition to bring knowledge on soil fertility and health to all farmers at low-costs and easy accessible. SoilCares makes use of remote sensing and smartphone technology to bring traditional laboratory analyses to the field. Three innovative concepts of soil testing for small holders are available or will be available in the short term.

Soilcares introduced this year a mobile soil lab to the farmers in Kenya. This mobile lab is situated in a LandRover and is able to bring the soil testing technology literally to the farmers field. The farmer has now access to low-cost soil tests and advice within a couple of hours and is able to improve his soil quality.

SmartSensor device and app will provide a rapid instant soil test of most important soil fertility characteristics at the farmers field. Based on that a fertilizer advice will be given.  

The virtual soil sample-app combines all available big databases for estimating the soil status at a given GPS location and based on that returns a (fertilizer) advice.

Soil Cares is an initiative of DutchSprouts.