Developing innovative natural food ingredients, with clinically proven health benefits

NutriLeads, founded in 2012, is looking to improve human health by identifying and developing natural ingredients with health-improving potential, to apply in dietary supplements, medical and functional foods. The focus is on ingredients that support physiological processes in the human body and/or modulate the gut microbiome. All ingredients are taken through clinical trials to demonstrate their health benefits. The company also manages their regulatory approval for market access.

In addition to Xtramune™ Nutrileads has two other health-improving ingredients in its portfolio: ‘NL-02’ and ‘NL-03, both based on the same technology as Xtramune™. NL-02, currently in pre-clinical stage, aims to improve gut health of both consumers and patients. NL-03 focuses on improving metabolic health through gut microbiome modulation and is currently in discovery stage.

Nutrileads is closely collaborating with, amongst others, Wageningen University & Research, DSM and NIZO food research.