Organic and Raw Trading Company, T/A MOJO

Australia’s leading producer of probiotic beverages, MOJO creates award-winning organic sparkling drinks with real health benefits.

MOJO are committed to providing the best range of sparkling probiotic beverages possible. In the pristine Southern Vales of the Fleurieu Peninsula, our MOJO products are created in small batches, with only the best organic ingredients, to deliver a premium health-focused product. It is a hands on approach, to ensure MOJO are the most probiotic-brimming  beverages in Australia. Each bottle that leaves the GFSI-certified Willunga site is made with stringent quality controls and 100% love. 


MOJO was created by Australia’s first family of kombucha, who introduced bottles of sparkling, fermented tea to market in 2010, pioneering the niche beverage category in Australia. An ancient health elixir, people have been fermenting tea to produce kombucha at home for many years.

As Australians became more conscious of the impact of diet on their general health and, more people learnt about the benefits of fermented beverages and foods, interest in kombucha grew. Today MOJO is sold throughout 2000 outlets nationwide.

From the beginning, MOJO invested heavily in testing and certifications, to guarantee that all MOJO products are consistently providing the benefits and quality consumers expect.  

Probiotic beverages

The MOJO team continues to handcraft fermented beverages using the original SCOBY the business started with, continuously developing new varieties using real, organic ingredients. With a focus on health, MOJO have expanded their offerings to three sparkling probiotic beverages ranges – MOJO Classic KombuchaMOJO Crafted Kombucha and MOJO Tonic.

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