MFH pulses

MFH pulses sells and advises on several protein-rich food/feed products and ingredients: pulses, peas, lentils and legumes.

MFH pulses sells whole pulses (peas, beans and lupins), flours, precooked, vegetable proteins (lupin protein, pea protein, sesame protein, rice protein), food fibres from pea and lupin and meat replacers.

New applications – such as lupin flour in meat substitutes, lentil flour in healthy chips, pea protein in protein-rich pastas, emulsifiers for sauces and pre-cooked and dried-back pulses that can be applied instantly. Alternatives to replace animal protein and bind nitrogen (so no fertilizer is needed) to contribute to a more sustainable protein consumption balance.

MFH pulses brings companies and institutes together and stimulates cooperation and exchange of informationto enhance sustainable production and sustainable relationships within the field of protein transition.

MFH pulses has expertise on pulses’ food distribution, sustainability and public health.  MFH pulses also advises on cultivation, processing, use, functionality, market knowledge, purchase and sales of these products.