Best fit Growing Solutions.

HortiMaX is part of the Ridder Group. Together with Ridder HortiMaX combines more than 100 years of experience in Horticulture around the world. The company is a leading global player in the field of greenhouse technology. Its mission can be stated as follows:  “Support greenhouse growers to achieve better results through best fit growing technology together with partners in the industry”. Drawing on the company’s knowledge, skills and experience, HortiMaX will work with growers and partners to find the best integrated solution for each individual. They act as a partner in Greenhouse Systems Integration. HortiMaX helps growers to improve the quality and efficiency of production, leading to higher crop yields.

Worldwide HortiMaX is recognized for:

  • Its knowledge and experience.
  • Its outstanding local service.
  • The quality and the consistency of its products.

As a group HortiMaX  provides growers with the necessary knowledge and experience for achieving better results, serving the Greenhouse Industry. Therefore, this company also develops and produces affordable horticultural and integrated solutions, divided in several groups:

  • Process automation (process computers for climate, energy and water).
  • Plant Monitoring (climate and water sensors).
  • Irrigation Solutions.
  • Disinfections Solutions.
  • Management Solutions (labor and productivity).
  • Drive systems for ventilation.
  • Drive systems for screening.
  • Global Growing Solutions.

HortiMaX works worldwide with a team of devoted and experienced professionals. Are you looking for one party, which takes the complete coordination in hand for a complete and durable solution? Then HortiMaX fulfills that role under the name ‘Global Growing Solutions’.