Green Meat Products

Produce and sell non-meat snacks for European customers

Vegan and vegetarian snacks

The three owners of Green Meat Products come from the traditional meat industry. They have set the goal that consumers who do not want to eat meat still can have a snack moment. There are now several suppliers of meat substitutes on the Dutch market available in the supermarket channel. Green Meat Products wants to launch a range of vegan and vegetarian snacks for the foodservice industry.

Green Doner Kebab

A start will be made in 2018 with the launch of Green Doner Kebab. Green Meat Products is the first in Europe to launch this innovative product. For the non-meat-eating consumer there is hardly a tasty dish to order at Kebab shops. The innovators from Green Meat Products want to change this and that is why they introduce the very first Vegetarian Green Doner Kebab roll. Besides the vegetarian aspect, this snack is also healthy. A doner sandwich filled with vegetarian kebab has a high protein content and is low in fat.