FUMI Ingredients

FUMI Ingredients develops biorefinery platforms to produce animal-free food ingredients

FUMI Ingredients story

FUMI Ingredients was founded in 2019 as a response to the need of providing sustainable high-value proteins for an ever growing population, without using animals, farmland and fresh water. The founders of FUMI Ingredients realized that the key to replacing animal proteins was to valorise naturally occurring microorganisms.


Beyond equipment(s) and unit operations, the core technology of FUMI Ingredients is based on two critical aspects: minimal processing and maximization of the functional activity. This means that their biorefinery platforms are developed from the end application, rather than from the end product.


FUMI Ingredients is particularly active in novel proteins for high-value applications in food products, such as foams, emulsions and gels. This means that typical ingredients like egg-whites – which carry a heavy carbon foot print- can be effectively replaced. However, the scope of application is exciting. We foresee novel carbohydrates and polysaccharides, lipids, fatty acids, peptides, pigments and minerals that can be produced, animal-free.

Mission and vision

FUMI’s mission is to transform the food industry with the power of microorganisms.

The current food production system needs innovation from multiple technological approaches, but the new technologies should not put extra pressure on natural resources. Microorganisms are a unique source since they can be produced at large scales without competing with crops for food.