Clean CO2 technology.

FeyeCon, based in Weesp, the Netherlands, uses clean CO2 technology as a platform for the development of innovative products and processes. The company upcycles CO2 that is captured as a waste product from other industries. CO2 technology is an inexpensive, mild and safe alternative for many conventional processes. What makes FeyeCon successful is that they combine R&D activities with a market driven approach.

For the food industry FeyeCon developed a micronized structuring agent that can be used to texturize and stabilize emulsions, spreads and suspensions. Another successful example of CO2 technology in the food industry is the cost-effective drying of high quality vegetables and fruits, currently ready for roll-out. Furthermore, developments are focused on protection of sensitive ingredients using micro-encapsulation, other mild processing such as pasteurization and extraction, and bio-refinery of novel food sources such as algae and seeds.