Dutch Spices

Dutch Spices makes tasty, safe and affordable food available for everyone. It’s allergen safe and therefor also suitable for people suffering with food allergies.

Dutch Spices wants to make safe food for everyone and is unique as European company to produce the most tasteful herbs & spices blends, marinades and sauces safe of 24 allergens and without cross-contamination. This according to the VITAL standard and rewarded with the SimplyOK certification related to their allergen management. Everyone - either with or without allergy - can safely enjoy wide ranges of tasty and healthy food. And that’s our dream: safe and tasty food for everyone.

Dutch Spices helps their customers with taste solutions for meat-products, meat substitutes, fish, snacks, potatoes, diary, bread, soup and sauces, so they are able to meet their customers’ demands. Thanks to their unique high care production plants, allergen safe processes and  warehouse, they control the supply chain safeguards that products do not exceed scientifically established threshold values in allergens. Dutch Spices is headquartered the Netherlands