Dutch Spices

Dutch Spices is a producer of allergen safe herbs and spices blends.

As Europe’s first producer of allergen safe herbs and spices blends for the food industry, the company’s unique proposition is to produce products without 24 allergens and without cross contamination, that comply with the VITAL 2.0 system. This results in products safe from 24 allergens with the best taste and quality. Dutch Spices is rewarded for this unique approach and achieved in 2018, as first company worldwide, the SimplyOK certification.

Dutch Spices’ innovations include new product ranges in liquid solutions like marinades and sauces and a range of single ingredients and blends.

Dutch Spices uses a specific allergen management system that eliminates the risk of supply chain contamination. Dutch Spices has an advanced high care production plant in which only the best selections of ingredients are processed. Suppliers of these ingredients are under strict control. This results in supply chain safeguards for the resulting productions not to exceed scientifically established threshold values in allergens.