Duijvestijn Tomaten

Innovative producer of sustainably grown tasty tomato products.

Established over fifty years ago, Duijvestijn Tomaten's main mission is to grow tomatoes as sustainably as possible. Duijvestijn Nursery is the company of Duijvestijn Tomaten where all tomatoes are grown. It’s an innovative company which produces three tasteful (round and plum) tomato varieties  for supermarkets, wholesalers and food service companies. LogiFour is the department at Duijvestijn Tomaten which is directed at sustainable packing of the tomato products. It also supports  customers with respect to their logistic  challenges. Duijvestijn’s Innovation department has a keen eye for innovations in the area of sustainability.  In order to protect the tomatoes against diseases and pests, Duijvestijn Tomaten uses organic crop protection. Furthermore, Duijvestijn Tomaten is actively engaged with the subject ‘Biobased Economy’ which, for example, resulted in the development of a packing made of tomato leaves. Since 2011 Duijvestijn Tomaten uses geothermal energy, which allows heating of the glasshouse in a sustainable way. The Frezta® brand, based on the unique method of air-drying tomatoes applying the earth’s heat is an example of product innovation.  Duijvestijn Tomaten has developed a sustainable drying machine to produce these oven-dried tomatoes and tapenades. In comparison to sun-drying, this method preserves in particular the soft texture of the tomato. Also the basic taste is more intense and for instance vitamins are preserved better.