Calix is a multi-award-winning Australian technology company developing new processes and materials to solve global challenges.

Calix was created in 2005 to develop a new advanced mineral processing and manufacturing technology called Calix Flash Calcination (CFC). CFC is a proprietary technology applied to produce unique mineral derived nano-active and bio-active materials.

The benefits of nano-metal oxides are apparent across a wide range of diverse applications, however very high production costs, inability to manufacture at scale and health and environmental concerns have limited or precluded their adoption. Calix produces nano-active materials that, although micron scale, which alleviates health and environmental concerns, perform like true nano-materials. CFC allows these materials to be produced at low cost and large scale.

Existing products address challenges in the municipal water sector including odour, phosphate removal and acid corrosion of sewer infrastructure.

A pipeline of projects is being actively progressed to address wider global challenges:

  • Agriculture; BOOSTER-Mag™ – safe, inexpensive, environmentally friendly pest and disease control
  • Advanced Batteries; advanced materials for efficient, low cost and high capacity electricity storage to support the world transitions to renewable energy.
  • Cement and Lime; LEILAC - “Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement” utilises CFC technology to dramatically reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions without significant energy or capital penalty.

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