Bondi Chai

Bondi Chai - Australia's most awarded chai latte

Established in 2005, Bondi Chai helped to kick start the ‘chai phenomenon’ in Australia with a popular range of pre-mix chai latte products. Having won multiple awards, Bondi chai is distributed nationally and internationally by more than 120 foodservice suppliers who service an estimated 4000+ cafes, hotels and caterers.

Named one of Australia’s four healthiest milk drinks by Healthy Food Guide Magazine in 2013. Bondi Chai’s innovative approach has also been recognized in the prestigious Telstra Business Awards (2014 NSW Microbusiness of The Year and National Finalist) and the International Stevie Awards, being named the 2015 Asia Pacific Food & Beverage Company of the Year in Shanghai.

Microsoft Australia exampled Bondi Chai in its JoinedUp Innovation discussion paper which was presented to the Federal Government in 2015.

The term (and product) ‘’chai latte’’ is an American creation that brought an easily-prepared adaption of India’s traditional milk tea, chia masala, to non-coffee drinkers. Within a few short years of arriving on the café scene, chai latte was firmly established among the top 10 beverages in the US. Life and business partners, Martin Buggy and Melissa Edyvean, discovered chai latte whilst holidaying in the use and created their own chai latte products when they saw an opportunity to create a uniquely milk-soluble pre-mix. Bondi Chai has since grown exponentially and has earned a reputation as the ‘gold standard’ chai latte in Australia with more awards for taste and quality than any other product of its kind.