Feeding the world without consuming the earth

Insects for human nutrition

Protifarm is a large scale producer of insects (the Buffalo) for human nutrition. Insects are packed with essential nutrients. They’re high in protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids. In addition, the environmental indicators of insect production are striking. They have an efficient feed conversion ratio, require very little land and water and produce limited greenhouse gas emissions compared to the traditional livestock industry.

Buffalo insect powder

In controlled and fully automated facilities, insects are bred using the latest technologies and optimized feed composition to maximize efficiency. Through the automation process, the insects are bred, fed, harvested and further processed up to final delivery with minimal manual intervention. This minimizes the risk while guaranteeing an unparalleled level of safety and traceability of each batch. These innovations enable Protifarm to cost-effectively produce insects and make it a viable ingredient for a wide variety of food formulations. Protifarm’s main product is a 100% pure Buffalo insect powder which can serve as nutritional enhancement in existing food or as basis for new food products.