Pure, sustainable and natural food ingredients produced from side streams and focused on dietary fibers

Using high value by-products, side streams, from the food processing industry is the main focus of ORFI®-food, which develops high-quality food ingredients based on specialized dietary fibers in combination with starch.

ORFI®-food has developed an original database of dietary fibers and fiber matrices. After selecting the right matrix, the fibers are processed using advanced technologies to create specialized dietary fibers for food applications. Innovations are, or will be, patented and exclusive licenses will be sold.

The ORFI®-food ingredients are:

  • ORFI®-coatings enriched with vegetables or fruit;
  • ORFI®-hydro, a strong water binder;
  • ORFI®-predust/batter to stabilize the water management in coated food.
ORFI®-food ingredients contribute to a better life in terms of:

PEOPLE; better taste, healthy and more convenience;

PLANET; use of side streams;

PROFIT; a better margin and better competitiveness.