Colzaco sustainable rapeseed-oil for a wide range of applications, from health, to kitchen and food industry.

To improve the Return On Investment (ROI) of sustainable rapeseed cultivation is the mission of Colzaco, a Dutch cooperative of rapeseed growers. Established in 2006, the organization focuses on regional coordination of cultivation, processing and sales. Their approach enhances entrepreneurship among farmers – they directly benefit from the revenues – and supports sustainable land-use and biodiversity.

Rapeseed is a source of high-quality edible and cooking oil and personal-care products. The ‘cake’ that remains, after processing the seeds, can be used as a protein-rich component in animal feeds, and can be further processed to produce even more oil, which can be used as bio fuel. The straw residues from cropping are a popular groundcover in stables.

Colzaco are participating in a project aimed at large-scale extraction, marketing and use of proteins from sustainable sources, such as rapeseed.